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Sanja Sasho
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:Sanja Saso - Heliotransfer


Sculpture exhibition under the sea
Taken and abridged from: "Jutarnji" (original text by Darko Glavan)

"... her hardware cloth sculptures of naked male and female bodies with the inner and outer volumes loosely related, were for the first time presented in 2004... However, the trilogy “Heliotransfers in caves” (Veternica - Zagreb, Modra špilja - Biševo, Zelena špilja - Vis), initiated in 2006, and particularly the submarine exhibition “Heliotransfer - Lovers of the sea” (set up in the Bisevo submarine cave in 2008), are the most spectacular exhibition project of this original artist.

Or, as described by Nikola Albaneze: "So silent and soft is the delight that fills the space in which they appear- those messengers of the sun, the bearers of light. And though they do look splendid within any architectural setting, where they take one's breath away with their ethereal epidermis and supreme form, their creator prefers to exhibit them in natural environment; not just any environment but one untouched by human hand. In such protected nature practically anything of artificial origin we see as a threat, something that always remains foreign, unacceptable... How then is it possible that Sanja Sašo's Heliotransfers - always unusual, always surprising - are not perceived as threatening but as bearers of joy (true, not in an exuberant and noisy way but in a mysterious and sublime manner), just as the Domaći (the tiny spirits - guardians of the earth) brought joy to our ancestors, as the Lares or Penates did for the ancient Romans.? The answer lies in the harmony and unity between the creative spirit and nature, in Sanja's inexhaustible need to win the struggle for heaven on Earth, to conquer it, in her own words - to ,,dig it up"... She sets free this primeval need of humankind for a spiritual experience. Instead of any simulations (...), she offers the spontaneity of experience, simplicity of wisdom and gentle but powerful dreamlike side of life." (Translated by Volga Vukelja-Dawe)

“It was an adventure”, described the artist the happenings of the 10 days`setting up of the exhibition: “One evening there was a sudden storm while we were afloat in the otherwise still waters of the Modra cave. Everything started to sway, and we had to rescue ourselves. But then, such an exhibition could only be set up by a team of people who are not only highly professional but also a little crazy!”

Pelagia is thrilled with the project. How about you?