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Pelagia: Greek name
translating to the Latin – Marina.

Pelagia: the doctor’s daughter
who stole Captain Corelli’s heart.

The medusa:
Pelagia noctiluca (a marine creature with a night lamp): the little pink-brown menace of the Mediterranean, about 10cm in size, with long thin tentacles armed to burn the skin fiercely: when you spot one, it is usually too late, and the contact is inevitable. In overwhelming numbers these jelly-fish invade the Mediterranean every 12 years, as if they were responding to Jupiter’s rhythm: it seems appropriate that a creature without muscle tissue, with no coordination, incapable of willful action, blind even, should be driven by an unrelenting cyclic heavenly force.

Our cyber medusa has the affinity for the submarine beauty, but also deep understanding of a particular form of human intervention – artistic. She is driven to these spaces / pictures / scenes of constantly changing beauty by an irresistible Eros of the quarks, at the depths where both sunlight and moonlight reach creating shifts of transient blue aquarelles like a silent hypnotizing kaleidoscope. She illuminates the hidden stages accessible solely by Poseidon and his suite, reachable only through artistic imagination or by random divers.

She`s always hoped that some day she would submerge a monumental carved piece, something polished and white, stoned life in a smooth block, into the numinous, into that space beyond any human context; subsequent creation would follow: calcification, attaching, erosion or build-up depending of the submarine liveliness, and that is good; cooperation is good; disempowerment is good; man cannot have the final say.

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: Coming soon: sculpture under water...

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