marina rajicic trajkovic


...that jelly-fish is a marine
wanderer on the mission of finding
the deep blue scenery suitable
for the underwater sculpture;
Pelagia can`t help it; exploring the seas
it has no will-power, such is its "daimon"...

guest Author
A l e k s a n d r a . T a s i ć
...on human creation:
the lasting and the ephemeral
by ways of Language and the "papier-cachee"

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poetry and philosophy
"Pepper, sugar & rhymes"

Doug Savage comics

Jason Teylor

Underwater sculpture park

in Moliniere, Grenada, West Indies:

"They stand, sit, and communicate in the stillness of
the ocean depths as if waiting for someone to wake them
from their timeless state...
Looking at this photos what have you thought about? Yet, it’s not
the remains of the ancient history of Greece or Rome..." on

Sanja Sasho Sculpture exhibition in a marine cave
Heliotransfer: Lover of the Sea

"So silent and soft is the delight that fills the space in which
they appear- those messengers of the sun, the bearers of light.
And though they do look splendid within any architectural setting, where they take one's breath away..." on

img medusa The medusa: Pelagia noctiluca
(a marine creature with a night lamp):

-little pink-brown menace of the Mediterranean
-Greek name translating to the Latin Marina on

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