marina rajicic trajkovic


...that jelly-fish is a marine
wanderer on the mission of finding
the deep blue scenery suitable
for the underwater sculpture;
Pelagia can`t help it; exploring the seas
it has no will-power, such is its "daimon"...

guest Author
A l e k s a n d r a  T a s i ć
...on human creation:
the lasting and the ephemeral
by ways of Language and the "papier-cachee"

de l'Art pour l'Art
Philosophy of Art * Frivolity & Kitsch
Women Artists * Avantgarde & trend ...

poetry and philosophy
"Pepper, sugar & rhymes"

All human beings are born free and   
equal in dignity and rights. They     
are endowed with reason and      
conscience and should act     
towards one another in a    
spirit of brotherhood.
Doug Savage comics

Philosophy of Art
What is Art? The philosophy of art seeks to answer this very interesting and complex question, considering the definitions of beauty, taste, symbolism and representation and exploring the relationship between the artist and the audience or culture or even cosmos ....  read on
Psychology of Art
Psychology of Art is a complex interdisciplinary study interested in the psychological core of creativity. It endeavors to understand and explain the mental processes of the artists and other creative activity, dealing at the same time with the analogous processes involved in the perception of art. The bond between artistic expression and psychology is inevitable...  read on (soon)
Frivolity in Art
Plato's state provided no place for Art as a mere imitation (mimesis) of the supreme creations of Nature.
Immanuel Kant, the thinker of a highly rational mind, had little praise for the "random sways" and the non-conformism of the artists.
Totalitarian spirit finds Art suspicious, incomprehensible, uncontrollable and therefore dangerous. ...     read on (soon)
Kitsch says: "Love me!" We respond: "I can`t. I won`t! Yours is foul play..." In his book on the psychology of kitsch as the art of happiness, sociologist Abraham A. Mole stated that kitsch was defined by 5 principles: mediocrity, inadequacy, accumulation, sinesthesia (the simultaneous esthetic perception by two or more senses), and comfort....     read on
Women Artists
Camille Claudel (1864-1943), sculptress.
By all standards she was a brilliantly talented, intelligent and beautiful woman. Uncompromisingly daring and true to herself, she took her art as seriously as any male artist. She lived a compelling, and ultimately a tragic life...     read on (soon)

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