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Underwater Sculpture Park in Moliniere, Grenada, West Indies:

They stand, sit, and communicate in the stillness of the ocean depths as if waiting for someone to wake them from their timeless state...

Looking at this photos what have you thought about? Yet, it’s not the remains of the ancient history of Greece or Rome. This interesting artistic enterprise, the materialized vision of Jason de Caires Tyler, explored the ever-changing relationships of Art and the environment, whilst providing a unique and fascinating marine park for scuba diving and snorkelling.

The statues not only create a hauntingly beautiful landscape, but they also act as artificial reefs and will change appearances as they become home to various marine life. The statues have been carefully placed in shallow waters so divers, snorkellers and passengers of passing glass-bottom boats can access and view them.

But these strange images also trigger the timeless spaceless feeling, as if viewing them one simultaneously accesses a string of memories from a future... Pelagija keeps hearing the music of Suzanne Vega: "...somewhere out of context and beyond all consequences...", or "Calypso" for that matter.

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