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...that jelly-fish is a marine
wanderer on the mission of finding
the deep blue scenery suitable
for the underwater sculpture;
Pelagia can`t help it; exploring the seas
it has no will-power, such is its "daimon"...

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A l e k s a n d r a . T a s i ć
...on human creation:
the lasting and the ephemeral
by ways of Language and the "papier-cachee"

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poetry and philosophy
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All human beings are born free and   
equal in dignity and rights. They     
are endowed with reason and      
conscience and should act     
towards one another in a    
spirit of brotherhood.
Doug Savage comics

   Aleksandra Tasić - Anja

...I waited for him for long, anxious if he would show up, and I'll never forget the feeling I had when I spotted him.
...He could have talked about anything at all, my attention was focused on the movement of his mouth and the smile that would come up in its corners from time to time.
...Now this flock of blond hair, with his father's smile, has the means to make me give up on any parental sanction (he only needs to smile).

You may tell me that the way he smiled is essentially irrelevant or deny importance to what I see in the flock of blond hair, but there are so many images that we all harbor deep inside as our treasure. The projection of an image lasts an instant, but the impression survives. The moment passes, but what has actually passed is but the original form of appearance; the very next moment the image is transformed into a new quality, or it has triggered an avalanche of emotion or events.

"Horsee" h=25cm & "Image" w=125cm (papier-cachee)

Anja Tasic
Emotions are blurry and are never pure... often they are a mixture of impressed feeling and different influences or conclusions. A fine blend of pleasure... the spice of life.
The aroma of a moment. The staying quality of an instant experience. The grandeur of the infinitely small and a trace of the intangible.
Works of art are the imprint of the intangible, of a passing inspiration; they are associative to a moment - the only matter of matter-of-fact importance.
It goes without saying that the works of art, made of transient matter, will last for as long as the freshness of their inspiration lives, only to give way to new freshness.
Anja Tasic
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