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...that jelly-fish is a marine
wanderer on the mission of finding
the deep blue scenery suitable
for the underwater sculpture;
Pelagia can`t help it; exploring the seas
it has no will-power, such is its "daimon"...

guest Author
A l e k s a n d r a . T a s i ć
...on human creation:
the lasting and the ephemeral
by ways of Language and the "papier-cachee"

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poetry and philosophy
"Pepper, sugar & rhymes"

All human beings are born free and   
equal in dignity and rights. They     
are endowed with reason and      
conscience and should act     
towards one another in a    
spirit of brotherhood.
Doug Savage comics


She came out in the revolutionary spirit of the good year of 1968; soon afterwards she started to sing "wet tha shineshine, tha shineshineeen" and has not kept quiet since.

In spite of a B in fine arts (courtesy of the good teacher), she flourished artistically in her childhood, feeding on the admiration of the immediate family and their well meaning friends & neighbors. Although she had loved to sneak around the art-prep-schools, she obeyed reason and stayed away from the arts for the benefit of the crafts that put bread on the table, so she`s never actually gone for the dream; but the flirt with the art has not ceased.

With honest support of a true artist, the sculptress Olga Milic, she eventually dared, by the end of the nineties, to imprint herself in clay: under the economic sanctions she worked at stoneware ceramics, selling magical lamps in galleries and gift shops that kept falling out of business one by one. The clouds of tear-gas of October 2000, as was to be understood later on, co-laterally killed the market attraction to the handcrafts (and jazz, and poetry, and so on), so the curtain was down on the romance; the memory remains of how good it felt to be able to do what one loves doing and actually survive on it. Withering in different offices, always "temporarily employed" with the corporate world, she kept joining different amateur art clubs, always somehow less active, art-wise, than she could be.

Rejoices at the opportunities of the "new media".

marina rajicic trajkovic
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